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    Water Damaged Ceilings

    Water damage ceiling are a regular occurrence. Not only does it look unsightly, but it is unsafe and while you may be tempted to call in a handyman or even fix it yourself, you could end up with bigger problems overall. To get the ceiling fixed safely and speedily, call in an expert in this field.

    Our quick guide below will go through the most common types of water damage ceiling, what happens if you don’t fix the problem and how long it will take to find the source of the leak and repair the ceiling to it’s former state. Contact Perth Ceiling and Walls now to fix water damage and roof ceiling repair Perth.

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    Common Ceiling Problems

    The most common type of water damage in Perth is from a leaky roof due to damage caused by heavy rain and storms, burst pipes embedded into the walls and man-made accidents.

    The problem is that not many people are looking up at their roof so they often miss signs of water damage until it is too late. If you notice spots, drips, mould, or sagging plaster you could be dealing with ceiling water damage in Perth.

    If you don’t fix the problem immediately you could end up with a collapsed ceiling and a massive  job on your hands. Once the drip, drip starts, the roof has already been exposed to water pools which spreads until it finds a place to travel down and build up. Not only will the dampness stain the ceiling, but mould will form and bacteria will spread causing sickness, that’s why you need to call the expert water damage and roof ceiling repair Perth immediately.

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    Water Damaged Ceiling Repairs

    Repairing the water damage ceiling and roof ceiling repair in Perth will take some time. Moisture will have to be removed from the ceiling through installed dehumidifiers, to prevent mould from growing and spreading onto the walls. The source of the leak will be fixed and damaged to the ceiling will be restored to it’s former state to prevent any dangerous structural damage to the home.

    Here at Perth Ceilings and Walls, we pride ourselves on our professional, quick and spotless leaking ceiling repairs in Perth.  We’re known for repairing water damage Perth to roof repairs in Perth and we come to your home where our specialised tradesmen will inspect your roof cavity to identify the problem. We will also prepare a water damage ceiling repair cost depending on whether the ceiling is made from plaster or drywall, the condition of the ceiling and size of the room.

    For Perth Ceiling repairs and sagging ceiling repairs in Perth, you need a team who know exactly what they are doing, get in and out and get the water damage ceiling job done! So for more information contact us today.