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    Cleaning and Maintenance for Plasterboard Ceiling

    When you have a plan for a house cleanup, most people tend forget about the ceiling. However, cleaning your ceiling is an essential part of the cleaning process that you shouldn’t miss. In fact, cleaning experts say that you should start your house cleanup from the ceiling and then work your way to the rest of the house. You can send the doors, windows, cabinets, walls, floors and furniture to the back of the queue. Why? It simply because the ceiling is one of the largest parts of the house and is above everything else. Once the ceiling is free from the dust, it won’t dirty other parts under it with dust.

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    Cleaning the ceiling is a tough job if you have been neglecting it for a long time but the end result will be worth it. When you have the clean ceiling, you will help protect your family from the negative effects of mould and dust. That is why house hygiene is so important. Rather than calling the ceiling companies Perth, it is easier to maintain the plasterboard ceiling yourself. Here are some tips you can follow for your ceiling maintenance.

    What You Can Do to Maintain the Plasterboard Ceiling

    Plasterboard is a multipurpose material used in construction. Cleaning a plasterboard ceiling is not that different from cleaning other ceiling types. White is the most common colour paint used by ceiling companies Perth to provide a clean ambience. Here, we need to clean the ceiling without taking off the paint, unless you want to remove it.

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    The regular cleaning and maintenance will keep maintain the durability of the material and will keep the ceiling in its original condition for longer. It is essential to choose the right cleaning products and to follow proper processes when you are cleaning the plasterboard ceiling.

    1. Vacuum and Dust the Ceiling

    For a quick ceiling clean, you can try to vacuum it gently. Use the brush attachment to avoid damaging the plasterboard ceiling. You also can use flannel cloth in place of the vacuum to decrease the possibility of damage. Avoid using a ladder or stool and opt for an extension pole because it is safer. During the cleaning process, don’t forget to also clean the vents, light fixtures or any parts hanging from the ceiling. When you have finished vacuuming all dust, you can proceed to wash the ceiling to make it cleaner.

    1. Wash Stained Areas

    To remove the stains and dirt that sticks on to a white ceiling, you can try to wash it with a home-made cleaning solution. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water using a ratio 1:4. You can apply it to the plasterboard using a soft cloth. Dip the tip of the cloth into the cleaning solution and try it first on the hidden part to see whether it will cause discolouration. Be careful to use it only on the area with dirt or stains by tapping and wiping the damp cloth on it gently. Get another soft cloth and dip it into clean water to wipe the cleaned ceiling when the stains have been removed.

    1. Patch the Ceiling

    It is possible that your ceiling can wear out, causing cracks or even holes to develop. The best thing to do here is to try and patch it to restore the condition. You can use drywall to patch the ceiling as it’s a suitable material for ceiling patch. Cut the damaged area in square-shaped, then attach the drywall with glue. Once it dry, you can apply paint around the patched area to camouflage the line.

    Essential Precautions

    • Cover the furniture, flooring, anything under the ceiling with cloths or plastic sheeting to prevent dust from dropping on them.
    • For your safety, reach the ceiling with an extension pole instead of a ladder. Because the continual movement while cleaning is dangerous on a ladder.
    • Use a pulling motion to remove cobwebs.
    • Wear waterproof gloves, mask and goggles to keep the cleaning solution off your hands and face.


    Those are several tips you can follow to maintain the condition of your plasterboard ceiling. Regular maintenance will help you keep your family healthy and your ceiling durable. If any damage occurs, consider calling ceiling companies Perth to get a repair. Kindly contact the professionals ceiling contractors Perth at Perth Ceiling and Walls to get your ceiling quickly repaired.