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    Should I Repair or Replace My Plaster Ceiling?

    Many homeowners face the dilemma of whether to repair or replace plaster ceiling. Because they are a common feature in older homes, in which very susceptible to damage. There are a few factors to consider when making this decision. 1. Age of The Ceiling Plaster ceilings can last for decades. But if your ceiling is […]

    Five Reasons To Skim Coat Damaged Drywall

    When it comes to drywall repair and wall repair in all rooms of the house, skim coating is one of the most effective methods you can employ. It is always best to call in the professionals when you need a wall or drywall repair, especially if there are cracks or damage that could indicate water […]

    What to Do if My Ceiling Is Leaking Water

    Leaking water coming from your ceiling is alarming and inconvenient – especially as it usually happens during a storm. You may be left thinking you need a total roof restoration or roof replacement in Perth, but fortunately, that might not be the case – you may just need leaking roof repairs in Perth. To avoid […]

    How to Fix Ceiling Cracks in 2022

    You have probably heard the expression ‘papering over the cracks’. It means a superficial fix that does not address the route cause of the problem – and it directly applies to ceiling crack repair. After about three years, a new home is going to settle and some cracks may appear, leading you to think that […]

    What Do I Do When My Roof Is Leaking?

    We have all experienced that feeling of dread when the rain starts to fall and drips start to fall from the ceiling. It is a mad dash to collect as many buckets, pots and pans as possible all while worrying how much the roof repair costs in Perth are going to be. It doesn’t matter […]

    Is It Worth Repairing or Replacing Water Damaged Plasterboard Ceiling?

    Plasterboard can become wet in many ways but it is always going to result in Perth ceiling repairs or replacement. In some cases, water damaged ceiling is the result of flooding or leaking water, or condensation forming on the plasterboard surface. A large amount of moisture can also make plasterboard wet if it is exposed […]

    How Much Does Gyprock Installation Cost in 2021?

    Gyprock plasterboard is one of the most extensively used products in constructing ceilings and walls in both residential and commercial buildings. Gypsum board was introduced in the 1940s and has been the most popular material used through the centuries. Plasterboard is known to be the most versatile material due to its plasticity and flexibility. Perth […]

    How to Repair a Hole in Plasterboard Wall

    A homeowner needs to take care of their house and find out some of the best ways to repair a hole in a wall. They need to seek expert advice on the best ways to fix a plasterboard wall, plasterboard ceiling, and fill holes in the wall. They should also seek professional services from Perth […]

    How to Deal With Your Sagging Plaster Ceiling

    A sagging plaster ceiling is one of the most critical problems that many homeowners face in their homes. Sometimes you may discover that your plaster ceiling is beginning to sag or notice a plaster ceiling crack. This ceiling problem might be quite challenging to figure out whether it requires an entire ceiling replacement or a […]

    Is a Coffered Ceiling Right for Your House?

    The coffered ceiling is a ceiling design inspired by Baroque and early Renaissance architecture style. The roof framework exposes the crossed beams overhead, the beams arranged into a square or other polygonal shapes as a ceiling decoration. The coffered ceiling is creating an array of three-dimensional sunken panels. Lately, both public and private properties try to display […]