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    How to Deal With Your Sagging Plaster Ceiling

    A sagging plaster ceiling is one of the most critical problems that many homeowners face in their homes. Sometimes you may discover that your plaster ceiling is beginning to sag or notice a plaster ceiling crack. This ceiling problem might be quite challenging to figure out whether it requires an entire ceiling replacement or a […]

    Is a Coffered Ceiling Right for Your House?

    The coffered ceiling is a ceiling design inspired by Baroque and early Renaissance architecture style. The roof framework exposes the crossed beams overhead, the beams arranged into a square or other polygonal shapes as a ceiling decoration. The coffered ceiling is creating an array of three-dimensional sunken panels. Lately, both public and private properties try to display […]

    Sagging Ceiling? Here’s Why and What You Can Do About It

    i Whether the cracks showed up overnight or it has actually gradually crept in, a drooping or cracked ceiling is not something to be ignored. Little spidery fractures can end up being large spacious holes if left untreated. There are many sagging ceiling causes but most important, there are straightforward preventions you can do to […]

    Cleaning and Maintenance for Plasterboard Ceiling

    When you have a plan for a house cleanup, most people tend forget about the ceiling. However, cleaning your ceiling is an essential part of the cleaning process that you shouldn’t miss. In fact, cleaning experts say that you should start your house cleanup from the ceiling and then work your way to the rest […]

    Repair Plaster Ceiling with Water Damage Issue

    When was the last time you repair plaster ceiling to make sure everything is alright? Most homeowners usually skip regular maintenance and ignore the signs of water damaged ceiling until it’s too late. A dangerous potential issue can be hiding behind a seemingly small stain on your ceiling if you just let the time pass […]

    Should I Be Concerned About My Plaster Ceiling Cracks?

    Ceiling cracks are an inevitable part of homeownership but dealing with them doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s true that all homes will eventually experience cracking and as many ceilings made from plaster come from older homes, so it’s no surprise that plaster repair is a common need for Perth homeowners. The reasons why someone […]

    Get Your Gyprock Installed by Our Professionals

    Looking for a cheap but high quality material for your ceilings? Gyprock plasterboard has seen its popularity skyrocket since it came onto the scene in the mid 20th century and has become the most common material used in ceilings. It is the top choice for many due to its adaptable and versatile nature. At Perth […]

    Gyprock Plasterboard And Some Of Its Benefits

    Thinking about using gyprock? It’s the most common material used for good reason. At Perth Ceiling and Walls we have a lot of experience with gyprock plasterboard. With our extensive range of skills and utmost professionalism we can fix any problem you may have with your ceilings and walls.You can be assured that we are […]

    Ceiling Roses – The Finishing Touch Your Room Craves!

    Ceiling roses are a great way to brighten up your dull, white ceiling. They give the look of luxury, is the perfect accompaniment to your light fitting and can actually transform the entire room. A plaster ceiling rose is easy to install and isn’t as expensive as you may think. Here’s all you need to […]

    Ceiling Crack Repair Required? Don’t DIY!

    Have you noticed a crack in your ceiling? Well don’t panic and definitely don’t DIY. As tempting as it may be to simply paint or paper over the cracks, doing so is actually ignoring the real cause which will eventually return to rear its ugly head and cause significantly more damage and problems. Thus where […]