Should I Be Concerned About My Plaster Ceiling Cracks?

Ceiling cracks are an inevitable part of homeownership but dealing with them doesn’t have to be stressful. It’s true that all homes will eventually experience cracking and as many ceilings made from plaster come from older homes, it’s no surprise that plaster repair is a common need for Perth homeowners. The reasons why someone might need plaster ceiling repair vary.

Sometimes the issue will be small and can be plastered over while other times ceiling replacement will be necessary. Regardless of the gravity of your case, an inspection is a great first step and calling a professional like our expert contractors at Perth Ceiling and Walls will help give you peace of mind.

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What is the cause of plaster cracks?

Cracks appear in a plaster ceiling for a whole host of reasons. However, most of the time the root cause is the movement of the house in one way or another.

As the seasons pass, and the temperature fluctuates many parts of your home will expand and contract including timber in the ceilings or steel beams and posts. These movements can eventually put stress on the plaster and result in cracks.

Another cause of cracks can be due to an uneven foundation. This can be due to things present at the time of building which has since shifted like tree stumps or the originally even footings that have sunk unevenly.

Additionally, ceiling cracks may be caused by poor workmanship and cutting corners during installation but using qualified plaster ceiling repair contractors can drastically reduce the risk of this happening.

Where do cracks appear?

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The places where cracks appear do vary depending on the root cause. When the cracks are due to the movements of the house over time, you will usually find them developing in the corners and along areas where the cornice is attached to either the ceiling or the wall. Occasionally, you may see cracks appearing along the joints of the plaster sheet. When the issue is more foundational in nature, cracks may be found at the corner of windows and doors and usually will travel out at an angle.

When should you call an expert in for ceiling crack repair?

Although you may be able to fix smaller, benign cracks independently, it’s important to know when you need to call in an expert who knows how to repair ceiling plaster. Some potential indicators include stains and discolouration, sagging, peeling paint and mould.

Generally, the rule of thumb is if you are unsure of the severity of the damage, you should probably organise ceiling crack repair. It’s also worth calling in a professional if you notice any damage on decorative plaster pieces, even if they’re slight. This is because recreating the details of a decoration effectively can take a deceptive amount of skill and you don’t want to inadvertently make the problem worse.

To ensure everything is well restored and preserved, call in a ceiling fixers expert.

Get Professional Help with Perth Ceiling and Walls

When you see a crack appear in your home you need not stress out because we can help how to repair ceiling plaster and fix your issue. The process of plaster ceiling repair for cracks can be more complicated than it seems and is often the same as if a larger hole exists.

Plaster is not the only material we fix, as we can sort out any issue with your plasterboard ceiling or gyprock ceiling as well. If you notice anything wrong with your home, get in contact with us now for an expert inspection.


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