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    Ceiling Repairs

    For the very best and most affordable ceiling repairs in Perth, you can’t beat the experts at Perth Ceiling and Walls. We are your local ceiling fixers for all sorts of issues and are available any time of the day for ceiling inspections for your peace of mind. Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote.

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    Common Ceiling Problems

    There can be numerous reasons why your ceiling may be damaged. Some of this can simply be put down to age, as all buildings suffer wear and tear over the years, and they naturally shift slightly over time.

    Water damage from a roof leak is another incredibly common cause of ceiling issues that invariably leads to needing a ceiling fixer.

    Ceiling Repairs - ceiling installers perth

    Common issue, as a result, can be:

    • Fine lines and cracks appearing
    • Discolouration and flaking paint
    • Unsightly mould growth
    • Gaps appearing between plasterboard
    • Sagging ceilings
    • Collapsed ceiling

    The last one on the list can be the catastrophic result of not tending to some of the other issues listed. For example, a water damaged ceiling will get heavy with moisture, which will lead to sagging ceilings and eventual collapse.

    Another major issue is mould. Not only does it look disgusting, but the mould spores can also lead to health issues, such as respiratory problems, nausea, asthma, and the onset of allergies.

    Why We Use Gyprock?

    While most ceilings are made of some sort of plasterboard, we prefer to use the Gyprock brand for Gyprock ceiling repairs. Not only is Gyprock a leading brand, but it’s also highly dependable, reliable and a brand you can have complete confidence in.

    Minor ceiling repairs might only require a small patch-up job, but if sections of the ceiling need replacing, then we cut out and remove the damaged plasterboard ceiling and replace it with quality Gyprock plasterboard. The repair will be so seamless you won’t even be able to tell the ceiling has suffered damage. We also do Gyprock wall repair, contact us now for a free quote.

    Ceiling Repair Cost

    It can be difficult to offer price estimates without first viewing the extent of the damage and the type of damage– such as sagging repair cost – but the bigger the issue, the more it will cost to repair, which is why it’s imperative to contact us early. That way we can prevent a small problem from becoming a big and costly repair job.

    Why Choose Perth Ceiling and Walls?

    We have many years of experience and only use the very best materials for all work we carry out. With our professionalism and guarantee, we have become one of the most trusted ceiling companies in Perth for ceiling repairs Perth. We take care of all of the insurance work as well.

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